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Frequently asked questions

What exercise routine will help weight loss?
Strength and resistance training work on building muscle which in turn helps with weight loss. Also it's important to work out different parts of your body each day to build strength and avoid injury.
Does eating carbs daily stop me from losing weight?
There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding carb consumption, completely omitting carbs from the diet is not recommended since carbs are a major source of energy apart from protein and fat. Try to incorporate more complex carb or fiber rich food in daily consumption that takes longer time for digestion and makes you feel full for a longer period of time.
How does the calorie recommendation work?
Calorie recommendation for each individual is unique, it works by taking into consideration different parameters such as age, gender, height and lifestyle/ fitness level of a person. Zury's unique AI based recommendation takes all these factors into consideration while suggesting an ideal "Eat" and "Burn" goal for you.
Can I achieve spot reduction?
No, spot reduction is a myth. Whenever a person loses weight it is from all over the body and not targeted from a single area. Also over-training a single area to achieve spot reduction may also lead to injury.
Is weight loss and fat loss the same?
No, whenever a person loses weight it is a combination of fat loss + water loss and muscle loss. However fat loss happens only by active exercise which leads to bulking of the muscle and hence increases BMR. Fat loss requires more active fitness intervention as opposed to weight loss which can be achieved by simply creating a calorie deficit however its not feasible in the long run.
Where do you ship?
We ship our products pan India.
How long does it take to ship my order?
It generally takes 3-7 working days for us to deliver your order at your doorstep.
Is there any option for fast shipping?
Yes! We understand the need for a faster delivery option. We dispatch the orders via Express mode which is the fastest mode. than most of the shipping methods available in the country as of now.
What if I order multiple quantities of the same product by mistake/duplicate order?
We try to make sure that you are aware of what you are ordering, you can see your order summary in your cart before placing the order, if multiple quantities of the same product are in the cart you will be notified for the same, you can change the quantities on that page before confirming your final order.
What if I have placed an order by mistake?
You can use our chat support on the Zury website/Zury app, we will investigate and if your case is found to be genuine, we will issue a refund. Please note refunds are subject to shipping status.
Can I cancel my order?
If your order is not shipped, you can cancel your order. Please check the returns & refund policy.
How can I track the status of my order?
You can track the status of your order by navigating to the profile section on both the application as well the website. Follow the following steps: My Profile > My orders> Track order.
How can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order by using our chat support. If your order is not shipped it will be cancelled and the refund will be initiated after deducting processing and cancellation charges.
How long does it take to get a refund in my bank account?
It usually takes 7-10 working days for refund to reflect in your bank account.
Do you accept returns?
Products once sold are non returnable unless it is related to warranty terms, please refer to our terms of use page on our website for more details.
Can I exchange an item?
We offer no exchanges. However, if you meet the warranty criteria, you can ship the product to us. We will send you a replacement upon inspection and warranty adjudication. Please refer to our terms of use page on our website for more details.
Are returns in case of warranty free?
You have to ship us the product at your own cost. Once you are eligible for a replacement, a new product will be sent to you at no cost. For shipping the product to us, we will recharge your subscription by 1 month. Please refer to our terms of use page on our website for more details.
How long does it take to process a return if I am eligible for warranty?
It usually takes 1 week after we have received the product to process a return if the product is under warranty.
Are my payment details and data secure?
We follow industry grade security measures to safeguard your data. Please refer to our privacy policy for details.
Is my personal data (pictures, health data, etc) well protected?
We follow the best in Industry practices to safeguard and protect your data. Your data is completely safe with us. Please refer to our privacy policy for detailed information on this.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept UPI, all major credit cards, debit cards,net banking and wallet payments. Please check our payment options as updated on our website.
Which currency will I be charged in?
You will be charged in Indian Rupees (INR). If you are using an International credit/debit card issued outside of India, it depends on your bank.
Do you offer an automatic monthly payment option?
No, we don’t have any automatic monthly payment options.
More/less payment has been deducted from my account for an order.
Please check your orders in My profile> My Orders for order value of the products. It is highly unlikely that you will be billed less/more than the order value, please check with your bank for transaction charges.
The money has been debited from my account but my order has not been placed/ subscription has not been renewed.
Please refresh the page/ restart the app and navigate to Profile>My orders. If you are still unable to see your order placed, please use chat support to provide details. Please include the details such as Transaction ID, registered email address and phone number with the issue in detail.
How can I track my package?
You can track status of your order by navigating to My Account>my orders>track order.
What if I'm not home to receive the product?
You can track the status of your order by navigating to My Account > My Orders> Track Order and please try to be present at the time of delivery. You will also be notified via SMS when your order is out for delivery. Our courier partner will also call you before attempting the delivery. You can reschedule your order for delivery to the next available day.
Will I pay the delivery amount for remote location shipping?
We do not charge our customers separately for deliveries in remote locations. Please refer to our terms of use page on our website for more details.
After I receive my body scale, how should I set it up?
Recharge your scale after unboxing it. After it is charged, connect the scale with the Zury Fit app by following the instructions in the App/Manual. And Viola! You are all set for your Zury journey!
What can I do if my scale is not syncing?
It is highly unlikely that your scale fails to sync with the app. In case if it happens press the reset button inside the hole of the back side of the scale using a pin or sim ejector. After the scale is reset, reconnect your scale with the Zury Fit app.
How can I reset my Zury Fit body scale?
There is a reset button on the back side of the Zury body Scale. You can use a PIN/Sim Ejector to press the reset button inside the slot. Press and hold for 2 seconds. This will reset the scale.
Is the body scale rechargeable?
Yes, you can use a Micro USB Charging Cable to recharge the scale.
Is there any warranty on the Zury Fit Body scale?
The Zury Fit Body Scale comes with standard warranty (6 months). No warranty for other products like Band and Tape.

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